The Idea Of Impressive Impressions

Imagine the first time you met one of your friends not obviously intending to be friends in the first talk we do make an impression from the way they talk about what topic they choose to have a conversation on and even on their appearance. This chord of making an impression is like a…let me use some Science-specific example…. after all, we all are Science Freak so..…impressions are like a rectifier circuit that converts alternating current (AC), which periodically reverses direction, to direct current (DC), which flows in only one direction i.e. no matter whatever the person may or may not be from inside we compel ourselves to give a slight thought about the currents we get from them and then with lots of self interpretations we convert it into the direct current it being what we make our mind of that person to be. This is a self-observed thing by most of us as we have found ourselves loving a person no matter whatever they do, we feel…or that’s what we say we feel is they are not like that actually they are really nice of a person or in other scenarios if we hate a person for what impression we may have from whenever we have met or shared some memories that are not justified as good or even sometimes we have no reason at all to hate a person…do we..??? no matter how much good that person does or feel about us we keep our unorthodox judgement button ON by default.

According to various psychological theories, the idea of making an impression as soon as we meet someone a.k.a First Impressions are important because they are dependent on how someone perceives us and can strongly influence the way they behave towards us. To take a look at the Model of Impression Formation (1946)as cited by Solomon Eliot Asch, a Polish-American gestalt psychologist and pioneer in social psychology, at the time of this research social psychologists were greatly influenced by The Gestalt Psychology which emphasises that the whole of anything is greater than its parts. That is, the attributes of the whole are not deducible from the analysis of the parts in isolation and Asch applied this idea to understand impression formation by suggesting that we don’t form impressions simply by adding together all of the traits we observe in others instead we perceive these traits concerning one another so they don’t exist individually but become a part of an integrated dynamic whole. Conducting an experiment would create a perfect picture of the idea, as what Asch did in this process he gave participants two lists of traits possessed by a fictional stranger and then were asked to form an impression of him. It turns out that traits as cool and warm make completely different impressions about any stranger to make them of any good. Cool turns as negative or more nonchalant and airy whereas warm is more compassionate and empathetic. This is also evident in our one time impression making policies where all further conclusions are attached to how we try to display ourselves at that particular instance.

Now, as we have scientific and psychological notions that justifies all of the above mentioned unorthodox practices but what I, personally feel is that there is a broader concept attached to it. Considering myself as a target here, throughout my childhood and teen life I have been considered as a Bonnie Lass who is always trying hard to tempt everyone with no brain for herself and an overly confident outspoken extroverted person. The thing is I don’t know how and exactly when I gave any such hint to this that I have hundreds of people around me or I am a social bee and here at this point in my early twenty being all done with school and college social turds, not trying to give any impressions and not attaching too much of myself I still am considered as an egoist. This I guess is not just me but other individuals too. We are taken as completely different individuals and sometimes when we are even the least of them. So, this takes me to the broader idea where we do not have any control of who, where, when we meet someone but we must have encountered people who have all control over their personalities, they have found themselves already though not perfectly, none are, but at some point they reflect a perfect balance of who they are and who they want to be. They choose what I call is a Dual Personality Balance, which is you may feel like is not likely to be but only if you really know what this is. We can’t simply deny the fact that the world works in neutrality so why not we follow the same blue, too much anger, too much care, too little love will some point or the other create complications so, it is really important to have two faces; one to what we reflect as others say or do to us and all of what people believe us to be, whereas the second one being completely airy of what people are, or even the world is. In the second face we should have all to ourselves all that we think we are and want to take ourselves to the certain spiritual and intellectual value we try to add to ourselves while we are here. When I say this as reserved to ourselves I mean that no one however special they are in our lives, well if they are that close they surely will discover the true you but apart from this I don’t think we need to add any efforts to make things clear of who we are. This is like a super-hero potential that none but you need to see and give time to augment through your lives and then you’ll see how All will matter but none at all.

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